Silver War Nickels Now Available from ARK SILVER

Supplies of nickel - a strategic metal (silver nickels) - grew short during  war time of World War II. The metal was crucial for the manufacture of certain weapons and military equipment, and the shortage prompted changes in US coinage for bullion coins. Beginning in the middle of 1942 and through the end of the Great War, these 5 cent unique silver Wartime Nickels are coins struck in alloy of 35% silver, 56% copper and 9% manganese. The Jefferson Nickel actually had zero nickel content.

Today these silver Jefferson Nickel coins are a great way to buy silver for those investing or coin collecting. They offer a combination of historical interest and very low premiums. Many investors are looking for metal with higher purity. For those who care less about purity and focus only on the cost per ounce of the silver they buy, these silver war nickels are hard to beat. The buy price of these nickels (silver nickels) is determined based only upon the actual silver content . The copper and manganese content is excluded in the price calculation - buyers essentially get those metals as a bonus. Check out all our coins for sale!

Every dollar face value (20 coins) contains 1.125 troy ounces of silver.

War Time Nickels 35% Silver (1942-45)

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