Maybe you want a large quantity of silver, then the Nadir 1 Kilo Silver Bar would be perfect for you. This bar is big and gorgeous showing off its .999 fine silver. For your peace of mind, each bar is individually numbered and wrapped in plastic for protection. The assayer’s mark is stamped right on the bar ensuring that you indeed have a quality product. 


Key features: 

  • 1 Kilo (32.15 troy ounces) of .999 fine silver
  • Large cast bars
  • Individually number
  • Individually wrapped in plastic for protection
  • Obverse side had mint logo, quality, and ounces as well as assayer’s mark and individual serial number
  • Reverse side is intentionally left blank


The obverse side has the Nadir Rafineri logo which is in the corner. Below the refinery logo is the density. 999.0. In the middle of the bar is the assayer’s mark. At the bottom of this side is the size, “1000g”  and underneath that is an individual serial number.


On the reverse side of the bar is blankness. This side of the bar like a lot of other bars is intentionally left blank perhaps for easier stacking.


The Nadir Metal Rafineri is a Turkish company that started in 1967. The company was small but grew and grew to become a dealer in precious metals. Today they are a worldwide leader in refining metals and have several accreditations and seals approval from several associations. 


These bars are cast bars which means they are formed by pouring the molten metal into molds. They are then left to cool into their end shapes. Both sides of the bars may show textures and marks from the molds they were poured into. 


Many collectors and investors like to purchase silver as an investment to hedge up their portfolio against inflation. As a result, silver fluctuates in value as more or less people buy silver. Silver is seen as a desirable metal to buy due to its lower entry point than gold but still having the potential to grow in value. 


Add some quality silver to your portfolio with this 1 Kilo Silver Bar from Nadir. You can rest assured that this 1 Kilo bar made of 999.9 fine silver is going to make a fantastic addition to your portfolio. 

1 KG Silver Nadir Bar

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