The culture of Australia is complex. The vast, open expanses of Australia lend itself to a number of different cultures and groups. But the reputation of the country has been largely shaped by the wildlife that inhabits the massive continent. Some folks consider Australia to be a hellscape of dangerous animals, including snakes, massive spiders, and violent beasts. While this is true in a sense, it is important to remember that adorable critters are also native to Australia. The kangaroo and koala both inhabit Australia, and the likenesses of these cuddly creatures have become symbols of Australia and its peoples. 

The 2021 Australia 1 Kilo Silver Koala Coin offers consumers the opportunity to celebrate the beauty (and cuteness) of the Australian koala with a massive coin. Buying larger silver coins is a great way to cut down on premium costs, making this coin both an excellent investment and a beautiful collectable piece. Despite its size, this coin is still legal tender in Australia, and it remains backed by Australia’s classic Perth Mint. It carries a face value of 30 Australian Dollars (AUD), and the obverse side of the coin includes the recognizable likeness of Queen Elizabeth II. 

Key Features: 

  • .9999 pure silver (1 kilo). 
  • Obverse Depiction: Queen Elizabeth’s bust as depicted by Jody Clark. 
  • Reverse Depiction: An Australian koala rests atop a eucalyptus tree. 
  • Backed officially by the Australian government. 
2022 1 KG Australian Silver Koala Coin

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