Global Financial Markets at a Tipping Point

Global Financial Markets at a Tipping Point

Austin Quinton

The State of the Financial System as we know it is at a critical tipping point. Central Banks are currently buying the debt markets to keep interest rates at ease, and are coordinating with each other for a complete blow up so that a new system can be enacted without any pushback from the people. Food shortages, supply chain bottlenecks and rapidly increasing interest rate are creating the perfect storm or as the World Economic Forum would call it, The Great Rest. Truly there has never been a greater time in human history to stock up on Commodities.


The slower you are to act in Becoming Your Own Central Bank, the more control the system has over your Life, Liberty and Family. When this bubble of all bubbles pops (and it is coming soon) your pensions, 401K's, stock market portfolio's, Roth IRA's and the like will not save you, TANGIBLE ASSETS will. 

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